EMS Kiosk App

The Fall 2017 Release (V44.1, Update 17) contains extensive updates to the EMS Kiosk App. The EMS Kiosk App includes an enhanced user interface, as well as functionality that has simplified and expedited the booking process. Additionally, it is easier to project your brand. Both versions of EMS Kiosk will continue to be supported. 

Documentation for EMS Kiosk App prior to the Fall 2017 Release is referred to as EMS Kiosk App (Legacy) documentation.

The EMS Kiosk App is a powerful yet easy-to-use interactive tool for reviewing room availability, booking space, searching for a meeting location, and more. This EMS Everyday User Application allows users to see their reservations or make new ones from touch screen devices typically mounted near meeting spaces, lobbies, and at check-in areas. When paired with the optional EMS Floor Plans utility, you can give users an added measure of convenience as they see reserved/available space on a facility diagram, making it even easier to find a meeting or a place to hold one.

You must be licensed for this optional component. If you are unsure if your organization is licensed for EMS Kiosk App, or if you would like to learn more about it, please contact your Account Executive.

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