Release Notes 221.1

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You now need the .NET Framework 4.8 on the application server.

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ClosedEMS Desktop Client

Build #

Web Deploy Build #

Features & Enhancements



New User role


EMS admin users can now give you the ability to sync facilities into EMS. They can add a new role to any Everyday User Security template.

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Reservation Wizard


The Reservation Wizard window now shows the full year for the date of the reservation as expected.

Resource package prices


If you add a resource package to a reservation and clear the Use Package Item Prices check box, any increase in the package price now does not update the individual resource prices. The package price increases and you are still charged $0 for individual resources.

Campus / Academic Planning


If you adjust parent/child settings and run optimization or sync courses, all course dates now appear in the Resolve Room Assignments page as expected.

Time on Dashboard


The correct reservation creation time is now displayed on the Dashboard and matches that on the Navigator window for that reservation.

Daily Room Cards report


If there are multiple bookings for the same room, the Daily Room Cards report now displays all those bookings on one page as expected.

Book history


When billing references are changed on a booking level an audit record is produced.

ClosedEMS for Google Calendar

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Room search


If you search for rooms while creating a booking, all available rooms that meet the search criteria now display in the list as expected.

ClosedEMS for Outlook

Build #

Web Deploy Build #

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Add-in connection error


Previously, if there was an Outlook add-in connection failure, the error message would display and the Outlook UI would appear frozen. We resolved this issue and now Outlook can still receive messages during such an event.

Appointment location

EMS-12888, EMS-13604

If you choose a room for a booking and send the invite from the room booking page, the chosen room now populates in the Location field of the Appointment page.

ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build #

Features & Enhancements

Area Description

Facilities Management Toolkit

EMS-12442, EMS-12518, EMS-12520, EMS-13135, EMS-12506, EMS-12513, EMS-13129, EMS-12517, EMS-13429, EMS-13560

We created the following APIs as a part of the full FM integration initiative:

  • Update Rooms
  • Create Room Types
  • Create Room Types Image Validation
  • Create Buildings
  • Update Floors
  • GET Currency
  • Create Rooms

Human Resources Toolkit

EMS-12573, EMS-12575, EMS-12577, EMS-12578, EMS-13141

We created APIs to create, modify, delete or deactivate users and groups as a initial phase of the HRTK initiative. We added the following endpoints:

  • Create Everyday Users
  • Update Everyday Users
  • Create Groups
  • Update Groups
  • Assign Delegates to another Everyday User

Self-signed security certificates


Self-signed security certificates are now required to use the SubjectAlternativeName (SAN) to identify what they protect, rather than the CommonName (CN).

ClosedEMS Room Sign App

Features & Enhancements



Calendaring Integration Now, if you are creating an invite and the Room Profiles setting for Calendaring Integration is set to Yes, the app will send the invite to exchange if it sees an exchange license and an email for the 1:1 group or a default organizer group with an email.

ClosedEMS Web App

Build #

Features & Enhancements




EMS-11614, EMS-11750, EMS-11615, EMS-11702, EMS-11616, EMS-10609, EMS-11814, EMS-12597, EMS-12886, EMS-10608, EMS-11815 EMS-11614

Multiple accessibility issues in EMS Web App were resolved. The following areas were covered:

  • Creating a reservation

  • Dialog displayed after a reservation is successfully created

  • Colors in header

  • Logo in header

  • My Events

  • Book Now and About buttons

  • Page titles

  • Invalid time error message

Special Date banner


If you search for rooms available on a special date using the Room Request page, a banner with the name of the special date now appears with the room details.


Users can now be configured to approve or deny space requests from Web App. See configuration instructions for more details.

External emails


When you add Attendees from the WebApp on exchange enable templates, you can now add external emails to the invitation.

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Setup and teardown times


Correct values for setup and teardown times now display on the reservation as expected.

Date and time pickers


If you use the date or time picker while creating a reservation and then click anywhere else on the page, the picker now automatically closes as expected.

Check in notifications


Check-In or Cancel links from notifications if Authenticating with SAML works correctly.

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