Release Notes 221.2.1

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To ensure your users are benefiting from the newest features, enhancements, and fixes, EMS Software recommends that you upgrade to the most current release of your EMS product.

You now need the .NET Framework 4.8 on the application server.

You only need the latest downloads for any component since they are cumulative.

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ClosedEMS for Google Calendar

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Improve UX for duplicate meeting


EMS for Google Calendar shows the correct room availability after duplicating a meeting in Google Calendar. If you click Duplicate with the original room selected, the extension shows any conflict. When you remove the conflicting room, you can select an available room, if one exists.

If you change the date and/or time of the meeting, availability refreshes.

ClosedEMS for Outlook

Improvements & Issues Fixed

Area Description

Error when resolving TBD room conflict


If you open a booking with a TBD room assigned, you can add another room and remove the TBD room through selected rooms, schedule view, or list view tabs. It works as expected.

ClosedEMS Web App

Build #

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Recurring meeting error


A room without a Setup Type doesn’t show in the Web App for booking a recurrence or single date and doesn’t produce an error when searching for rooms to book.

Approvals request details


When using keyboard navigation, if you select an Approval, the focus begins in the details pane of the first Approval when the page appears.

Approvals cancel function


If a reservation is linked to an exchange meeting and the reservation is cancelled by an approver, then the room name gets removed from the meeting's location field. If you cancel bookings configured with a room mailbox, the corresponding meetings are removed from those mailbox calendars.

Internet Explorer 11 issues

EMS-14888, EMS-14941

The Web app loads as expected and you can access all pages, including the Approvals page when using Internet Explorer 11.

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