Release Notes 221.2

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General Information

Logos and branding images were updated in many EMS applications.

EMS-14503, EMS-14498

ClosedDirect Spaces

Features & Enhancements



Scan QR code and Browse Locations


If a QR code is available for a space, you can scan it with a smartphone to check in or check future bookings for a room.

You can also browse locations using the available filters: buildings, floors, rooms, room types, and capacity.

Learn more about QR codes and browsing locations.

In an upcoming release, you'll be able to select an open time and create a reservation from the Browse Locations screen.

ClosedEMS Desktop Client

Build #

Features & Enhancements



Add validation to UI


We added validation to the user interface to prevent the following:

  • User from entering over 2000 characters in the description
  • Schedule For and Complete By dates to be in the past.

Building mapping UI improvements

We updated the Building Integrations tab to a table that shows providers and property names. We added a delete button to remove mappings that appear on the tab. Mappings can be removed if no work orders were opened on the building.

Remove building mapping endpoint

An endpoint is available that can remove building mappings if no rooms are associated with it.

Work order display on confirmations


Work order details display on reservation or booking level confirmation reports if the category work orders were selected in the report criteria.

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Special Date configuration, All not available

If a non-admin user wants to see the All selection in the buildings list within the Special Dates definition dialog, the user needs DefineAndEditbuildings process permissions. They all need all defined buildings assigned to them in their user profile.

Error creating invoice


Generating or voiding an initial reservation invoice works as expected.

Reservation Level Time Zone


When adding a comment to a reservation, the date added now shows the correct time.

Email history time zone


The correct email history time zone corresponds to the user profile time zone.

Cloud Desktop Install


Errors on the Cloud Desktop installation page were corrected.

Email history time


The correct email history times display on automated reports.

Incorrect time zone in comments section


Time in the Comments section displays in the user specified time zone as expected.

ClosedEMS FAMIS 360 Integration

Features & Enhancements



Work order creation


EMS sends the following items on Creation of any Work Order to FAMIS 360:

  • Reservation ID (sent as ExternalWOID 1)
  • Setup and Teardown Hours are the hours between the reserved and event times at the start and end of the event.
  • An endpoint is available that can remove Billing Reference Description if no rooms are associated with it.
Update room mappings EMS-13964, EMS-13354

We updated the Rooms Integrations tab to:

  • Table that shows providers and space names
  • Delete button to remove mappings
  • Choose provider via drop-down field

Work order status


The Work Order Status displays in the State column without clicking on each work order individually.

The Schedule For and Complete By times display accurately in the start/end columns without clicking on each work order individually.

Work order UI updates


When creating a Work Order the Event Coordinator information auto-fills the requester fields (first name, last name, email, phone). If no Event Coordinator is on the Reservation, the Requester fields default to Customer/Host/Group information.

The UI now combines Start Time with Schedule for and End Time with Complete By fields.

When creating a Work Order the Schedule For, Start Time, Complete By, and End Time Fields on the work order auto-fill.

Access Create Work Order button


If a user has access to manage the work order process through their User security template, they can create work orders as expected.

Endpoint to return list of work orders


A new platform endpoint calls to FABRIC / FAMIS endpoints and returns a list of all the Work Orders by Booking ID.

ClosedEMS for Google Calendar

Build #

Features & Enhancements



Remove mailboxes from Google Calendar meeting


You can manually remove room mailboxes directly from the Google Calendar meeting interface without using EMS for Google Calendar. The cancellation syncs to EMS, cancelling the corresponding booking in EMS.

Browser extension


The Chrome extension now remembers if it was minimized or maximized across new browser sessions. When you create a meeting, and then minimize the window, then next time you schedule a meeting, there is no wait for the extension to load.

Attendance prompt


A prompt now appears for the attendance value per room, each time a room is selected in a reservation. This ensures the setup and attendance requirements are documented in EMS for operations.

Improvements & Issues Fixed

Improve UX for duplicating meeting


EMS for Google calendar correctly shows the room availability when a meeting is copied in Google Calendar.

Conflict resolution window error


When a room conflict occurs in Chrome extension, the Conflict Resolution window appears as expected.

ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build #

Features & Enhancements

Area Description

Suppress organizer/attendee availability


We added a global parameter that shows and hides the organizer and attendee availability when creating or editing a reservation. It’s for environment where permissions cannot be enabled when using the Graph API integration to Exchange.

Direct Spaces integration


We added a new Direct Spaces Partner integration setup. When customers purchase and license the Direct Spaces app, they will automatically have this partner integration to receive and send information to EMS.

Human Resources Toolkit

EMS-12579, EMS-12580, EMS-13780, EMS-13787

We created APIs as part of the initial HRTK initiative phase. We added or modified the following endpoints:

  • Create Billing Reference
  • Create PO Number
  • Create Contact
  • Update Contact (modified)

ClosedEMS Web App

Build #

Features & Enhancements



Branding and Logo

EMS-10661, EMS-14275

  • EMS branding and logos are updated with new branding.
  • When a logo is added to the Web app, of acceptable aspect ratio and size, it retains that size as expected.

Special Dates


We added the Special Date/Holiday information to the Browse Locations screen. It also displays on the Browse Events screen.


EMS-9346, EMS-9348, EMS-9550, EMS-11815, EMS-12219, EMS-12219, EMS-9306, EMS-11497, EMS-13957, EMS-9105. EMS-9542, EMS-10304, EMS-14178. EMS-13968

Multiple accessibility issues in EMS Web App were resolved.

  • Focus indicator on the page for Help button
  • Focus indicator for Name and Account drop down menus
  • Page elements are labeled correctly for screen readers
  • EMS Web App pages include a Footer with accessible links to all non-custom side navigation links
  • Can skip to the Page main content from the top nav in the website without going through all the website navigation
  • Focus indicator for elements on the grid
  • In My Events Booking Details, the Share widget is accessible
  • The footer is accessible compliant and meets design standards
  • On My Home > My Bookings, all elements under Month and search are accessible
  • Compliant
  • Update focus indicators in Create and Edit Reservation workflows, Edit Bookings, and Browse Locations.
  • The Availability Legend information is shown by color differences and text identifiers.
  • The Site Home page contents, including tabs, links, and images can be read by screen readers (JAWS/NVDA).
  • Header design elements now meet standards and tabbing works correctly.



Windows/NTLM authentication is now supported for Approvals feature in Web App (authentication type must be changed in Platform Services admin page). Data can be retrieved and manipulated through a centralized place during a user session. Learn more about Approvals.

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Mobile App Crashes


When logging into the mobile app on Android and iOS in a version 221, the app crashed. Users can now log in to the mobile app using their everyday user account and create/manage reservations without crashing. Users can also switch environment URLs.

Random Recurrance

EMS-14167, EMS-14393

You can select available dates from the date picker when attempting to create a web reservation with a Random Recurrance. It works as expected.



Browse events


When you press Enter in Browse events, the weekly, monthly, and daily views work as expected.

Create reservations for overlapping time slots-done


Reservations for time slots that overlap to the next day in DTC get created as expected.

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