Release Notes 221.3

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ClosedDirect Spaces

Features & Enhancements



Text translated

Direct Spaces translates text on the user's device based on the device’s localization settings.

Authentication When you set up the app and enter your email, Direct Spaces finds the booking assistant that corresponds to your email domain. If your email domain is different from the company domain, you'll need to add your assistant. For example, if an Accruent employee's email is, Direct Spaces finds their assistant. If an employee's email is, they must search for and add their company's assistant.
Floorplan updates
  • Browse Locations – Search results sequence

    During search or creating a new booking, rooms in a building appear in order according to the available room parameter sequence. For example, the order may be book sequence or alphanumeric by room description. If you select a sequence and more than 1 room is part of the same sequence, then the order is alphanumeric within that sequence.

  • Floorplan file formats

    We added support for the following floorplan file formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .svg.

  • New Booking – Floorplan view

    In Create a Reservation, you can now use pinch, zoom, and pan gestures to view floor plans.


We revised the dashboard to include widgets and view events. The Direct Spaces widget includes these options:

  • Browse Locations
  • Create a Reservation
  • Scan QR Code

You can now show My Events on the Dashboard and view your schedule, access events, cancel or check in to bookings.

When you select Create a Reservation, one of the following happens:

  • If you have 1 Intent, the Create a Reservation screen appears.
  • If you have more than 1 Intent, a prompt appears, “What type of Booking would you like to create?” You can then select from the available Intents.
New Booking
  • Preferences

    Direct Spaces retains many user preferences and parameters that you set in EMS Web App. These include:

    • Preferences for default calendar invite statuses like free, tentative, and busy.
    • In template parameters, you can enable or disable sending an invite to a user's calendar. In EMS Web App, select Enable Add to calendar to turn on or clear it to turn off. Direct Spaces retains these settings.
  • We updated the default building logic
    • With location tracking turned on, buildings default to the closest longitude and latitude.

    • With location tracking turned off or if buildings are not set up with longitude/latitude, then the building defaults to the highest priority template in the user's preferences.

    • If a user has no default building on any template associated with the Intent, then no building defaults and the user must select a building.

  • Scan QR code

    After you scan a QR code, the Create Reservation screen appears with that room added.

  • Intent default time

    An Intent's default time appears on Creating a Reservation before you select the next time slot.

    For example, for an 8 AM-5 PM default, if you book at 7:45 AM, the reservation defaults to today at 8 AM-5 PM. If you book at 3:45 PM, the reservation defaults to tomorrow at 8 AM-5 PM.

  • Add Teams meetings

    You can add a Teams meeting to the reservation if it's allowed by the template.

Improvements & Issues Fixed

Log in and log out errors
  • When you log in on Android and enter your email, a space is not added after the period in .com.
  • When you log out of an assistant, no error appears.
Dashboard widgets <tx> tags no longer appear in Dashboard widgets.
Browse location buttons Browse Location multiselect buttons no longer show bracket characters.
Floorplan pins When you zoom into a floorplan, the default app pins display correctly. For best results, upload floor plan images at 36x36 pixel size. We don’t support custom pin images.
Location services We improved performance for location services. When you turn on fetching location data, we improved response time.
New booking Room and setup types only appear in the selection list if the rooms on the templates for which you are filtering have those as options.

ClosedEMS for Desktop Client

Build #

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Academic Services – Workday student integration fails


When courses are synced, and instructors are not provided on the course we add TBD to the instructor field. If an instructor is provided, you’ll see the instructor’s name in the instructor field.

Confirmation reports show incorrect information


The Confirmation reports showed %date%time% and now shows the correct date and time information.

ClosedEMS for Outlook

Improvements & Issues Fixed

Area Description

Unavailable rooms display


If you use the default process template upon opening EMS for Outlook, booked spaces appear as available. Switch to a different process template for correct room availability.

ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build #

Enhancements & Features



Retrieve Web Process Templates from Room Level

EMS-14544, EMS-14387

We added a new endpoint to retrieve Web Process templates when creating a reservation. In the Mobile app, when you select a room, you can see which templates and intents are associated with the room. You can then choose a time slot and create a reservation. We streamlined performance and you can create a reservation from Browse Locations.

Human Resources Toolkit


We created new APIs. We added the following endpoint: Update Billing Reference

Improvements and Issues Fixed

Display priorities only if they can be used


When you create a work order from EMS to FAMIS 360, priorities that cannot be used do not display in the menu selection.

ClosedEMS Web App

Build #

Enhancements & Features



Approval Workflow filters


When you filter and sort selections on the Approval Workflow page, you can click Apply to save the selection for use next time.

Global accessibility


If you open the application for the first time when using a screen reader, the application will announce the language used. For example, if English is the selected language, the announcement would be “This application is in English language.”

Accessibility improvements

EMS-9344, EMS-9350, EMS-9351, EMS-9520, EMS-9526, EMS-9532, EMS-9548, EMS-11986, EMS-11987, EMS-12718, EMS-12719, EMS-12720, EMS-12721, EMS-12724, EMS-12727, EMS-12728, EMS-12748, EMS-12754, EMS-13416, EMS-14098, EMS-14109, EMS-14816, EMS-14857, EMS-14990, EMS-15038, EMS-15058, EMS-15145, EMS-15148, EMS-15149, EMS-15158, EMS-15211, EMS-15253, EMS-15256, EMS-15274

  • Navigation
    • When you expand or collapse the Navigation menu, the screen reader announces the state of the menu.
    • When Navigation is hidden, you will not tab through it and a screen reader will not read hidden items.
    • You can use the keyboard space bar to interact with the Navigation menu. The focus lands on the first navigation item when using the space bar. Navigation menu elements will not be identified as links and will be identified by their name.
  • Create a Reservation
    • You can use the keyboard for all functions in Create a Reservation > Room Request. The screen reader announces the descriptive message for each item.

    • The screen reader announces a description of each item you can tab to in Create a Reservation > Room Request/Room Reserve.

    • Required fields in Create a Reservation are indicated by an asterisk. The screen reader announces the fields are required.

    • In Create a Reservation > Room Request > Schedule View, when you reserve and request rooms, the screen reader focuses on and announces the content.

    • In Create a Reservation > Room Request > Attendees, the screen reader announces the Attendees header so you know where you are on the page. It also announces the Remove Attendee link.

    • In Create a Reservation > Choose a Template > Room Request, all labels are focused and announced by the screen reader as expected.

    • You can use the keyboard to fully access the Recurrence Modal in Create a Reservation > Room Request > Recurrent Modal.

    • In Create a Reservation > Service User Defined Fields, all elements are focused and announced by the screen reader.

    • You can use the keyboard for all functions in Create a Reservation > Services.

    • In Create a Reservation, you can add a Video Conference to the reservation. The screen reader announces the link and tabbing/shift tabbing work in the order expected.

    • In Create a Reservation > Time picker, all elements are focused using the keyboard and announced by the screen reader.

    • In Create a Reservation, you can access the date and time feature using the keyboard. The screen reader focuses on and announces the content.

  • Keyboard and spacebar
    • You can interact with all keyboard elements via the space bar or enter. All elements are focused and announced by the screen reader.

    • When Site Home and My Home are expanded with the space bar, the screen reader announces that they’ve been expanded. For example, “My Home now expanded.”

    • You can use the space bar to remove customer, group, and first contact modal. The screen reader announces all elements.

    • You can act as another user or switch back to yourself using the keyboard.

  • When you open a drop-down menu and navigate to the first item, the screen reader announces the number of items in the list so you know how many to expect.

  • When you tab to My Reservation Templates, the screen reader announces how many templates are in the list. This helps you know how many there are to choose from.

  • We updated the screen colors to ensure the color and focus indicator contrast works effectively.

  • UDF multi-select lists are accessible and readable.

  • All functionality is available on the page up to 400% zoom. If you zoom more than 175%, the Services tab gets disabled. To skip Services, click Next Step to go to Reservation details. You can also click the Back button at the lower part of the page to go to the Rooms and Attendees page in all zoom levels.

  • If EMS uses a custom logo, the screen reader announces that it’s a custom logo and then Link to Home page.

Improvements and Issues Fixed


EMS-15178, EMS-15210, EMS-15251

  • The Attendance and Setup Type window tab flow works as expected.
  • After you select a room, the Attendance and Setup Types has focus as expected.
  • In Create a Reservation, when you cancel the service, the focus is now on the service to be added and works as expected.
  • In Create a Reservation, when a service is added, the screen reader now announces the added service and related information.

Unit price does not display in list view


The Price column in the room search results List view displays the pricing value of a room regardless of pricing method.

Page freezing


When you navigate to Home > Create a Request > Go to Location Add/Remove link, the location window appears. The background page was freezing and pointing to the next tab and now works as expected.

Browse locations book sequence


The Browse Locations Book Sequence now displays correctly under their building in Browse Locations in Book Sequence order.

Reservation status update after cancellation


The Reservation status updates as expected when you cancel a booking from My Home > My Bookings.

Reverse tab with Shirt+Tab key error


The Shift + Tab key to reverse the tab order and cancel in the Act As modal works as expected.

Create reservation error


When you create a reservation without a customer name the correct error message now appears, indicating the Customer field is required.

Microsoft Teams Integration error


With Teams integration is configurated and enabled, a user can add Teams to their meeting in the Web App. The details of the Teams meeting now gets added to the meeting in Exchange as expected.

Day of week doesn’t stay selected on recurrence


When creating a recurring meeting request, the selected day of the week stays selected when you fill in the recurrence options.

Attendance and Setup Type tab flow


The Attendance and Setup Type window tab flow works as expected.

Setup Types don’t retain focus


After you select a room, the Attendance and Setup Types has focus as expected.

Focus shifts footer section


In Create a Reservation, when you cancel the service, the focus is now on the service to be added and works as expected.

Incorrect screen reader announcing


In Create a Reservation, when a service is added, the screen reader now announces the added service and related information as expected.

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