Release Notes 221.4

To determine what to download, check your current installs for all your licensed products and make note of the date and release number on the About screen in your EMS software. Download and install the latest updates from the table below. Any download links for which you are licensed will be available to you once you are logged into Accruent AccessAccruent Access.

To ensure your users are benefiting from the newest features, enhancements, and fixes, EMS Software recommends that you upgrade to the most current release of your EMS product.

You now need the .NET Framework 4.8 on the application server.

You only need the latest downloads for any component since they are cumulative.

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ClosedWorld Class Academy Training

Accruent Academy is excited to announce that we are expanding our World Class Academy model to our EMS customers. Starting in October of 2021, our new eLearning courses will be available to all EMS customers, for up to 15 users, at no cost. This training will be delivered through the Accruent Academy Learning Center. For more detailed information check out our EMS Training Catalog.

Join us for a short EMS webinar for more information on this exciting new offering. You can also join our presentation at the upcoming 2021 Insights conference to learn more.

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ClosedEMS for Desktop Client

Build #

Enhancements & Features





We added a RoomID column to the Print > List report generated from the Configuration > Facilities > Rooms page. This column appears next to the room and its description.

WebEx meetings in Query Builder Filter


You can now select WebEx in Query Builder Calendaring Provider Filter to find out how often WebEx is used in EMS reservations.

Sensor Foundations


EMS admins can create custom queries that include sensor data for accurate usage reporting. You can enable sensor data fields at the booking level in Query Builder. These include:

  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Average Occupancy

Sensor data fields will only populate if you have a sensor integration set up.

Improvements & Issues Fixed



Rooms/actions/availability calls with search text now return results as expected.

Display Join WebEx

EMS-12736, EMS-12740, EMS-12742, EMS-12743

If a WebEx meeting was added to a reservation, the WebEx join button displays on the Reservation Summary. You can join the WebEx meeting from the Reservation Summary and Booking Details screens.

WebEx meeting information also displays on reservations in Desktop Client Navigator.

Buildings Configuration Fields


External reference fields display below Currency as expected in Building Configuration.

Time zone abbreviations


Time zone abbreviations display correctly in bookings.

Reservation Book


In Reservation Book, if you select a View, the Time Zone field displays the time zone that applies to the building in the available view.

Billing reference history


If you edit a billing reference allocation at the reservation, booking, or service level, a history entry gets logged.

Room sign global settings


You can now set or change Room Sign Global Setting. The Column Widths anchored so you can view and modify each global setting in Configuration > Room Sign > Global Settings.

ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build #

Enhancements & Features



Sensor configurations and mappings

EMS-16265, EMS-15640

Admin users can now set up a sensor integration to map EMS rooms and spaces to Sensor spaces and zones within the Platform Admin page using bulk CSV import.

We support VergeSense and Irysis sensor providers.

This feature is available to early adopters. To be an early adopter, reach out to your EMS account manager.

WebEx added to Conferencing

EMS-12737, EMS-12738, EMS-12732

We added WebEx to the Video Conferencing page. You can configure WebEx as a web conferencing platform for everyday users so they can include it on reservations. To do this, enter and save parameter information in the EMS Admin portal.

WebEx Authentication & Configuration


WebEx users can authenticate against WebEx and authorize Platform to create, delete, and view meetings on their behalf.

Admin portal parameters


An Admin can enter configuration parameters in the admin portal to create an integration with WebEx so users can add and create a WebEx to a meeting.

Fields added to platform calls


You can pull Salesperson and Sales Category from the Reservation level via an API call.

Improvements and Issues Fixed

EMS Exchange Integration to MS Graph

EMS-14011 can be used for authentication with graph API as well as

ClosedEMS Web App

Build #

Enhancements & Features



Floorplan filter


The Floorplan display now filters by the view you selected to search by in Location. If a room is not part of the selected view, then it won’t be shown on a floorplan.

Add WebEx to Web App

EMS-12741, 12744

On the Edit Booking screen, a toggle displays showing that a WebEx meeting was added to the reservation. The toggle cannot be used to add or remove a WebEx meeting from the edit screen.

If WebEx was added to a reservation, Join WebEx displays in My Events > Bookings.

Activated links


In My Events, you can navigate through the applications using the keyboard. The screen reader focuses on and announces all fields and links.


EMS-14096, EMS-14097, EMS-16020, EMS-16021, EMS-12778, EMS-15468, EMS-15651, EMS-15652, EMS-12787, EMS-12788, EMS-12789, EMS-12792, EMS-12793, EMS-12794, EMS-12795, EMS-12805, EMS-12810, EMS-12817, EMS-15144, EMS-15843, EMS-12814, EMS-12815, EMS-12816, EMS-12818, EMS-12780, EMS-12783, EMS-12776, EMS-12777, EMS-15070, EMS-12784, EMS-12785, EMS-11751, EMS-12803, EMS-10276, EMS-10294, EMS-12782, EMS-12722, EMS-12739

Zoom page past 200% – You can zoom the Browse Locations and My Events pages past 200% without losing functionality.

Open and close windows – When using the keyboard to open and then close a dialog window, you are taken back to the same location where you activated the dialog window.

Filters and browse events and locations – You can filter and browse for events and locations using your keyboard and screen reader. When you browse events and locations, the screen reader focuses on each element and announces all information, including saved filters, table contents, tabs ,weekly calendar, links, and check-in.

Building and room details – In Location > Room Details > Building and Room Details, you can navigate using the keyboard. Each element is announced by the screen reader so you know where you are and what actions to take.

Tab indicators – In My Events, you can use the keyboard to navigate from tab to tab and press the Spacebar to activate it. The screen reader announces each tab and which one was activated with the Spacebar.

Browse People – You can use the keyboard to fully access the Browse People section. Each element and link is focused on, announced by the screen readers, and sortable with the space bar.

How many items in list – In My Bookings > Week/Month, the screen reader does the following:

  • Focuses on the days one by one and announces each one.
  • Announces the date and day of the week, and then the number of items in the list. For example, Sunday, June 30, 2021 has 3 bookings.
  • If you press tab key, the focus goes to the first list item and announces the details of each book that you focus on.

Cancelled Bookings/Reservations check box – In My Events, when using the space bar or Enter key to select or clear the Cancelled Bookings or Cancelled Reservations check box, the screen reader announces you are now including or not including cancelled Bookings or Reservations.

Focus on all fields – In My Bookings > My Infographics, you can use the keyboard to access all elements. The screen reader focuses on and announces all fields.

My Bookings – You can fully access My Bookings using a keyboard. All My Booking fields now have the correct color contrast as the default focus indicator.

In My Bookings > Booking Details, you can access all elements. The screen reader focuses on and announces all elements.

My Events:

  • The Browse Events Monthly Calendar is fully accessible via the keyboard and screen reader.
  • In My Events > My Bookings, the screen reader announces the booking, location, and the link action.
  • The alt text for the Help link in My Events now reads “Help Link My Events” instead of “Internal Link”.
  • We changed the text color to improve color contrast in two areas of the application:
    • Dates on the Calendar in Weekly and monthly view.
    • Names and locations on the Reservation Name and Location under My Events.

Cancel Booking – In Cancel Booking, the cancel reason includes an asterisk to the right of the field. The screen reader announces it as a required item. If you try to cancel the booking without selecting a reason, the focus goes back to the cancel reason.

Room Requests – You can now add a WebEx conference call to a reservation if the WebEx integration is enabled on your process template. If a WebEx call is added to a reservation, other video conferencing options (such as Zoom, MS Teams, or Skype) are disabled.

Improvements and Issues Fixed

Weekly list filter


In Browse Events > Weekly List, when you filter the list and results appear, a message no longer appears indicating that “no results matched the filter.”

Logo overlays menu


On a small device or mobile view, the logo no longer overlaps the menu when you select the top left menu. The logo auto-adjusts relative to the smaller window size.

Edit location


When you edit a booking location and then update the booking, the location change is applied to the booking.

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