Direct Spaces

Direct Spaces offers the latest Web and Mobile experiences. It's designed for the Everyday User “On the Go”. You can submit bookings like:

  • Workspace on your way to the office
  • Study space while walking around the Campus
  • Space for an event or a board room presentation that needs approval.

Focused around a chat-style interface, submitting requests has a text messaging feel. The experience is easy and intuitive, requiring little to no training.

Direct Spaces includes the following functionality:

Create Reservations:

  • Create Bookings for Self-Serve Rooms
  • Request Managed Rooms
  • Add Attendees
  • Book from a Floor Plan
  • User Defined Fields Available for specific meeting requests
  • QR Code Support to Book

View Meeting Schedule:

  • Cancel, Check In, End and Extend Functionality for Bookings.
  • Update Meeting Time or Location

As an international application, it supports your mobile device’s native language and date format. Direct Spaces translates text on your device based on the device's localization settings.

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